Bekele Lagey – Ethiopia


Filter & Espresso

Strawberry, white tea, tangerine



 1.800 – 2.200 masl.

 Dega, Wolisho y Kudhum (Organic)


 Small producers


 Harvest 2019

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Bekele Lagey is one of the many small farms that work with the Adado Coop in the area.

The Adado co-operative has approximately 2.939 members of whom 2.849 are men and 90 women. They produce about 2.498 tons of coffee in cherries per year.

Out of the total production about 1/3 are washed and the rest are natural. “This is the Champagne-region of the coffee world”, Menno Simons – founder of Trabocca – explains.

“Perfect growing conditions: right amount of rain and fertile ground, that absorbs all essential minerals. Locals rarely dare to use the main road, especially in the rain season, because you won’t be able to get out of the misty valley – due to muddy slopes. It is as if beauty and danger are inseparable.”

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