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Daanisa – Ethiopia – Natural

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 Brewing method: Filter & Espresso
 Cupping notes: Strawberry, roses, floral
Origen  Process: Natural
Variedad  Varietal 100% Arabica: Heirloom
Proceso  SCA Score: 88
Origen  Producer/s: Smallholders
Altura  Region: Guji
Altura  Altitude: 2.000 – 2.100m.
Cosecha  Harvest: 2023


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Daanisa is a sub-kebele in the Guji region.

The name comes from the local name for an umbrella-shaped native tree.

Home to around 50 families of coffee producers who are responsible for this natural lot.

Farmers selectively handpick cherry and deliver it to the washing station. At the washing station, coffee is sorted to ensure that only the ripest cherries are processed.

Natural coffees, such as this one, are floated in water first to remove any underweight or damaged beans and any debris. Only the cherries that sink are accepted for the higher qualities.

Floaters are kept aside to be processed as lower grades. After cleaning, cherry is carried straight to raised beds, where it is spread into a single layer for drying.

Cherry is raked regularly and sorted to remove any damaged cherry that may have made it through the initial sorting.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Whole bean-Ground:

Whole bean, Ground for French Press, Ground for Cold Brew, Ground for AeroPress, Ground for V60, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Moka Pot, Ground for Espresso

Pack size:

250 gr., 1 kg.


Ineffable Coffee


Filter Chemex, Filter V60, Espresso, Superautomatic, Italian Moka, AeroPress, Filter coffee machine, Cold Brew



Flavour profile:

Fruity, complex, medium acidity


Filter & Espresso

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Daanisa: A Tree and a Specialty Coffee in the Guji Region, Ethiopia

Daanisa is not only the name of an umbrella-shaped tree characteristic of the Guji region in Ethiopia, but also the name of a unique specialty coffee. Under the shade of this native medicinal tree, coffee plants grow, benefiting from its protection and the microclimate it creates.

Daanisa es un árbol y un café de especialidad


Daanisa: More Than a Tree, a Home for Coffee

Additionally, Daanisa is the name of a sub-locality in the Guji region, a sub-kebele that is home to approximately fifty families. These families are responsible for cultivating and carefully nurturing the coffee that bears this distinctive name.

Daanisa es un árbol y un café de especialidad


The Washing Process at Dambi Uddo

The Daanisa coffee, naturally processed, is the fruit of the hard work of these families. The washing station where this coffee is processed is called Dambi Uddo, also located in the Guji region. Here, coffee growers perform a meticulous manual selection of coffee cherries, ensuring that only the ripest are processed.

Quality Selection and Processing

Once at the washing station, the cherries undergo a second selection and are then sorted in water. Only the ripe cherries, which sink to the bottom, are used to produce this high-quality coffee, separating them from any elements that could contaminate their purity. The floating cherries, although of lower quality, are also processed.

Daanisa es un árbol y un café de especialidad


Drying on African Beds

After cleaning and separation, the cherries are placed on African beds to dry. This process, which can last from two to three weeks depending on the climate, includes frequent movement of the cherries and continuous selection to discard any defective ones. This detailed care ensures that Daanisa coffee is of the highest quality possible.

Guji: An Ethiopian Region of Exceptional Coffees

Although the regions of Sidamo and Yirgacheffe have traditionally been known for their coffees in Ethiopia, Guji has recently emerged as a distinguished region for its unique coffee profiles. Its mountainous, forested, and rainy climate contributes to creating exceptional tasting profiles.

Daanisa es un árbol y un café de especialidad


Guji: An Ethiopian Region of Exceptional Coffees

The exceptional quality of Ethiopian coffee is due to a combination of factors, including the genetic diversity of coffee plants and artisanal care in their cultivation. The terrain, altitude, and climate are perfect allies for producing outstanding coffees.

In Daanisa, traditional cultivation means the absence of pesticides or chemicals. The long tradition of coffee cultivation in the region has created the necessary infrastructure for small-scale cultivation to be viable and sustainable.

At Ineffable Coffee, we value and respect that all members of the production chain receive a fair reward for their work. This commitment is fundamental to ensuring that we can continue to enjoy exceptional coffees like Daanisa.

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This is the most current recipe available. It is important to note that this recipe serves as a reference and in fact there are a bunch of variables which influence the final espresso in your cup: from the state of your machine and grinder, the water that you use, the rest and conservation of your coffee beans, to the atmospheric temperature and pressure, etc, and therefore, you might have to tweak the recipe to be able to find a juicy and balanced espresso with your specific set up.


  • Ratio: 1:2
  • Weight: 18gr
  • Yield: 36ml
  • Time: 32-36 sec


  • Best resting time: over 2 weeks
  • Temperature: 94
  • Pressure: 6 bars
  • Preinfussion: No
  • Water: BWT Bestmax 0, GH 107 (ppm as CaCO3) KH 30 (ppm as CaCO3)

Machine & equipment used for this recipe:

  • Espresso machine: La Marzocco KB90 2G
  • Grinder: Mythos 2
  • Basket: 22gr VST ridgeless
  • Extras: Barista Hustle WDT, Push Tamper (Flat, 100% level)

This is the cold brew coffee recipe that we propose for you to make 600ml of cold brew. The ratio, in case you want to brew more or less than this quantity, is 1:15, 1gr of coffee for every 15gr/ml of water.

Recipe and equipment:

  • Coffee 40gr. (Use whichever coffee you prefer. We suggest coffees that you like in filter. The ones that are tagged with “Cold Brew” are our favourites).
  • Grind size: Comandante 16 clicks.
  • Water 600gr/ml at room temperature.
  • Water composition: 2 parts of Lanjarón for 1 part of Bezoya.
  • Mesh or silk.
  • Glass container (preferably with a lid).
  • Let it rest for 22 hours (in the fridge).

The way to make cold brew:

  • Grind the coffee with a medium grind. Comandante 16 clicks.
  • Pour the coffee directly into the mesh.
  • Introduce the mesh in the glass container.
  • Pour the water into the container through the mesh with the coffee.
  • Swirl to wet all the coffee.
  • Cover the container.
  • Let it rest for 22 hours in the fridge (beware of strong odors!).
  • When complete remove the mesh with the coffee and it will be ready.
  • Bonus: you can filter it again through a V60, Kalita or similar paper filter to obtain a clean and more crystalline result.
  • Keep it refrigerated.
  • This recipe is not to dilute. Not even with ice. If you add ice, the composition of the ice water will affect the taste of your drink. Better to make your own ice with the same composition of water proposed. If you use ice, you may want to lower the ratio (1:9 to 1:12).
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