Muchagara AB – Kenya



Blackcurrant, strawberry jam, floral



 1.800 masl.

 SL28 & SL34


 Small producers


 Harvest 2019

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This particular lot is an AB out-turn from the Muchagara washing station.

Muchagara washing station is part of the Baragwi Cooperative Society and is located near the town of Muchagara in Kirinyaga District.

Founded in 1959, Muchagara is one of the oldest washing stations in Kenya and now has over 1.000 members who deliver cherry to the wet mill, and most have between 200 and 500 trees.

The cherry that is brought to the Muchagara wet mill is pulped and fermented the same day and after 36 to 48 hours of fermentation the coffee is moved to soaking tanks.

Once the coffee has been soaked it is moved to the drying beds where it dries for between 10 and 15 days.

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250 gr., 1 kg.


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