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Mumuxa – Guatemala – Washed

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Filter & Espresso

Pink Lady, grapes, gummy bear




 1,750 – 1,850 masl.






 Alonso Ramírez


 Harvest 2022

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Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed

In the Popti indigenous language, 'Mumuxa' means continuous rain.

The humid climate this creates at the Mumuxa farm throughout the year is ideal for growing high-quality coffee.

Alonso inherited his father’s farm in 2000 and since then he swapped the cultivation of corn and beans for high quality coffees.

Once the cherries have been collected and classified at their optimum point of ripeness, they are pulped and left to dry ferment for about 32 hours.

The coffee seeds are then washed with plenty of water to eliminate any rest of mucilage.

Afterwards, they are left to dry on patios for 9 hours a day over a period of 5 days, taking advantage of the sunniest days.

The seeds are constantly moved to ensure uniform drying and as a result an excellent specialty coffee.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Whole bean-Ground:

Whole bean, Ground for French Press, Ground for Cold Brew, Ground for AeroPress, Ground for V60, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Moka Pot

Pack size:

250 gr., 1 kg., 1 kg + 1 kg


Ineffable Coffee


Filter & Espresso, Filter, Espresso


Filter Chemex, Filter V60, French Press, Espresso, Superautomatic, Italian Moka, AeroPress, Filter coffee machine, Cold Brew

Flavour profile:

Fruity, complex, medium acidity




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Farm images

Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022 Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022 Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022 Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022 Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022 Mumuxa - Guatemala - Washed, harvest 2022


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