Somos tostadores. TOSTADO EN SEVILLA.
Somos tostadores. TOSTADO EN SEVILLA.

If you already work with Ineffable Coffee and wish to access your professional/wholesale account.

You already own your specialty coffee shop or business in Spain, the European Union & UK.
Directly access to open your professional/wholesale account and make your first online order with just a few clicks.

Do you want to open your own coffee shop or business with specialty coffee? Do you want to train as a barista to offer the best specialty coffee in your city? Do you have a coffee business and would like to take an extra step in quality and add specialty coffee? Do you want to offer specialty coffee in your office, hotel, or restaurant?


Advice and solutions for your project: We put all our years of experience and industry knowledge at your service to offer you solutions and advice tailored specifically to your budget and business idea: coffee shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Coffee Selection: We advise you on choosing the best beans that suit your preferences and the tastes of your customers. We will guide you in terms of flavour profiles, producing regions, and varieties to help you make informed decisions.

Coffee machinery for your business: Every project has its own personality and specific needs. We advise you on the machinery that best fits your project. We offer discounted prices and competitive discounts on espresso machines, grinders, water filter systems, accessories, cups, etc.

Coffee preparation: We are familiar with a wide range of preparation methods and can guide you in selecting the right equipment, as well as techniques and tricks to achieve exceptional coffee cups. Whether you prefer espresso, drip, French press, or aeropress, we will provide you with all the necessary information to take your preparation skills to the next level.

Staff training: We know that proper staff training is essential for delivering a quality coffee experience. We can provide resources and guidelines to train your baristas in extraction techniques, latte art, and customer service, ensuring they are well-prepared to offer exceptional service. Centres in Seville, Malaga, Valencia, and Madrid.

Inventory management: Efficient inventory management is crucial for maintaining the freshness and quality of the coffee you offer. We will assist you in inventory management, from monitoring the freshness of the beans to managing supplies, so you can maintain your stock optimally and always guarantee fresh and delicious products.

Menu design: Designing a balanced and appealing menu is essential to attract your customers. Our team can provide you with ideas and suggestions on coffee beverages, portion sizes, milk options, and crafting special drinks. We can also advise you on incorporating complementary food options to offer a complete experience in your coffee shop.

Concept and marketing: We understand how important it is to stand out in the market and attract the right customers. We can offer you advice on marketing strategies, branding, social media presence, and building a loyal customer base. We want to help you promote your coffee shop and establish a unique identity that resonates with your target audience.

Events in Seville: We have a professional team to serve coffee at your event: from conferences, to weddings, music festivals, corporate pop-ups, and more.

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Wholesale Specialty Coffe 1
Wholesale Specialty Coffe 1
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