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Clever Dripper

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Clever Dripper
Material: Durable plastic.
Colour: Translucent black.
Capacity: 530 ml (1-4 cups).
Compatible Filters: Moccamaster No. 4

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Clever Dripper

The Coffee Clever Dripper is an innovative tool for coffee preparation that combines the simplicity of a coffee filter with the versatility of a French press. This coffee maker, shaped like a "V" with a 60-degree angle, offers a unique experience when crafting an exceptional cup of coffee.

Intelligent Design for Extraordinary Coffee

The Coffee Clever Dripper stands out with its distinctive and functional design. Its "V" shape with a 60-degree angle is key to the perfect extraction process. This unique geometry directs the water flow directly to the center of the coffee grounds, ensuring even and complete extraction of flavors and aromas. Moreover, its wide hole at the base provides complete control over the water pouring speed, facilitating the ideal expansion of coffee beans.

Control and Purity

The use of paper filters in the Coffee Clever Dripper guarantees a sediment-free beverage. As the coffee flows through the device, the filter captures any unwanted particles, ensuring a clean and flavorful cup of coffee. However, what truly sets the Clever Dripper apart is its ability to adjust and control the drip rate. This feature grants a level of control similar to that of a French press, enabling you to experiment with different extraction times and temperatures to achieve the perfect cup of coffee according to your preferences.

A Personalized Experience

The composition of the Clever Dripper, made of sturdy plastic, provides durability and practicality. Additionally, its compatibility with Hario V60-03 and MOCCAMASTER 04 filters, as well as specific paper filters for pour-over coffee makers, broadens your options and allows you to personalize each cup of coffee to your liking. The Coffee Clever Dripper is a blend of ingenuity and tradition, designed to cater to coffee lovers seeking a richer and more controlled experience than what a conventional coffee maker provides. Get ready to discover new flavors and experiment with each cup you brew using this extraordinary tool.

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Clever Dripper

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