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El Rubí – Colombia – Washed

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 Brewing method: Espresso
 Cupping notes: Applesauce, toffee, white chocolate
Origen  Region: Tolima
Altura  Altitude: 1,800 – 2,000m.
Variedad  Varietal: Castillo, caturra, colombia
Proceso  Process: Washed
Productor  Producer/s: Smallholders
Cosecha  Harvest: 2022


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El Rubí - Colombia - Washed

El Rubí is the union of a small group of producers in the rural area of the Planadas, in the region of Tolima, Colombia.

Together and with the support of Osito (our export partner in the area) they achieve better conditions for cultivation and processing of their coffee lots.

This translates into cup quality improvement and the economic remuneration for their work.

This is a success-example of the increasing trend towards the consumption of specialty coffee, which allows more and more producers to take steps to a more dignified life.

For this washed lot, the harvested ripe cherries are floated and classified, pulped and washed with water and left to dry on raised beds until 11% moisture is achieved in the bean.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Whole bean-Ground:

Whole bean, Ground for French Press, Ground for Cold Brew, Ground for AeroPress, Ground for V60, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Moka Pot, Ground for Espresso

Pack size:

250 gr., 1 kg.


Ineffable Coffee


Filter & Espresso


Filter Chemex, Filter V60, French Press, Espresso, Superautomatic, Italian Moka, AeroPress, Cold Brew

Flavour profile:

Fruity, complex, medium acidity


Honey, Special process


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Farm images

El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 1El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 2El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 3El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 4El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 5El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 6El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 7El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 8El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 9El Rubí - Colombia - Washed 10


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Cold Brew recipe

This is the cold brew coffee recipe that we propose for you to make 600ml of cold brew. The ratio, in case you want to brew more or less than this quantity, is 1/15, 1gr of coffee for every 15gr/ml of water.

You will need:

  • Coffee 40gr. Comandante 16 clicks. 
  • Water 600gr/ml at room temperature. Water composition: 2 parts of Lanjarón for 1 part of Bezoya.
  • Mesh or silk.
  • Glass container (preferably with a lid)

The way to make cold brew:

  • Grind the coffee with a medium grind. Comandante 16 clicks.
  • Pour the coffee directly into the mesh.
  • Introduce the mesh in the glass container.
  • Pour the water into the container through the mesh with the coffee.
  • Swirl to wet all the coffee.
  • Cover the container.
  • Let it rest for 22 hours in the fridge (beware of strong odors!).
  • When complete remove the mesh with the coffee and it will be ready.
  • Bonus: you can filter it again through a V60, Kalita or similar paper filter to obtain a clean and more crystalline result.
  • Keep it refrigerated
  • This recipe is not to dilute. Not even with ice. If you add ice, the composition of the ice water will affect the taste of your drink. Better to make your own ice with the same composition of water proposed. If you use ice, you may want to lower the ratio (1:9 to 1:12).
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