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Hand Grinder HARIO Mini Mill

33,00 VAT included

Hand grinder.
Weight: 318 gr.
Size: 18,5 x 11,4 x 8,1 cm.
Grinding capacity: 24 gr. coffee.
Ceramic conical burrs.

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Hand Grinder HARIO Mini Mill

The grind size is an important parameter that we need to control when it comes to brewing a good coffee. This hand grinder, thanks to its system of adjustable ceramic conical grinding burrs, will allow you to easily control the grinding and adjust it when you need it to brew different recipes. Ceramic conical grinding burrs are the best choice for a hand coffee grinder thanks to their durability and consistency when grinding. For personal use we recommend hand grinders with these characteristics over electric ones, since they grind the coffee (instead of grating it) and do not heat it when doing so. This way the coffee properties are better preserved before brewing it. This Hario Mini Mill is also a great travel companion thanks to its compact and detachable design and it's easy cleaning.

The importance of a correct coffee grind

The best way to preserve all the qualities of coffee, once roasted, is to keep the coffee in beans and well packaged until it is brewed. Coffee, like all organic products, undergoes an oxidation process that, if not properly controlled, can alter its organoleptic qualities. That is why it is important to keep it properly packaged in vacuum-sealed bags with one-way valves and grind it just before use. All our coffees, once roasted, are packed following best practices and we recommend buying them in whole beans and grinding them before use with a manual coffee grinder, such as this Hario Mini Mill. We can also use an electric grinder if it meets the adequate requirements. Depending on the recipe that we are brewing, we will need a different grind size, something that we can achieve thanks to the adjustable grinding burrs of the Hario Mini Mill. This guide can help you navigate the grind size you need depending on your brewing method:

  • Espresso: very fine grind.
  • Italian Moka Pot: fine grind.
  • Aeropress: medium grind.
  • V60: medium grind.
  • Chemex: medium grind.
  • Plunger: coarse grind.

Additional information

Weight 600 g




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