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Timemore French Press 600ml

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Frech press Heat resistant glass body.
Metal teflon coated lid and plastic under.
Rubber base to prevent slipping, bumps and breaks.


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Timemore French Press

The french press is simple coffee brewing method which offers great results that will not disappoint the most demanding palate when it is done correctly. The french press is an immersion brewing method. This means that the coffee comes into full contact with the water from the beginning and gets infused. A French press coffee maker is composed of two main parts. On the one hand, a cylindrical container and on the other, a circular and flat filter system, generally metallic, and which is attached to a metallic rod to facilitate the insertion and extraction of the filter in the cylinder. How does the french press work? The general idea of how a plunger coffee maker works, which is another name for this brewing method, is very simple. Pour the ground coffee into the container, then pour hot water, stir it, let it rest for a few minutes and finally push all the coffee particles to the bottom with the filter. The simplicity when preparing a coffee with a french press is one of its greatest advantages, since it will allow us to control all the variables that influence the final result in a methodical and constant way and enable us to correctly brew and improve our coffee recipes. The most important variables that we should consider to brew a good coffee with this method are: the coffee to water ratio, the thickness of the grind, the water temperature and the brewing time. This recipe for a french press can help you get a started with a good brew:

Recipe for French plunger coffee makers

Equipment: French Press, scale, timer, grinder, stirrer and kettle. Brew Time: 4:00 min. Coffee: 12gr per 200gr water ratio. Water: 200gr purified water at 95º C. We recommend water with a dry residue between 125mg and 175mg per liter. 1. Preheat the plunger and discard this water. 2. Grind the coffee to a medium thickness. 3. Put the plunger on the scale, add the coffee, tare the scale and start the stopwatch. 4. Pour in 200gr of water, stir gently a couple of times and put the lid on. 5. Let it infuse until it reaches 4 minutes. 6. Press the filter slowly. 7. Once the filter is pressed, you can let it rest for another 2-4 minutes to allow any sediment to sink to the bottom, this will give you a cleaner result in flavor, although it is not necessary. After the first 4 minutes it should be ready to drink. The result will be a coffee brew with a lot of body, texture and a bit oily and intense, but delicious.

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