Timemore French Press


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Heat resistant glass body.
Metal teflon coated lid and plastic under.
Rubber base to prevent slipping, bumps and breaks.

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The French press, or plunger, is a classic when it comes to brewing coffee at home and we love it for its simplicity. It is a brewing method that gives us a uniform extraction and good results consistently.

The Timemore plunger goes a little further with its cool design and packaging that is not only beautiful but smart, with a double filtering system, which means less sediment in your cup. Also, the main container can be used as a pitcher/base for other filter coffee methods.

If you are looking to get the most out of your specialty coffee in a simple way with a consistently uniform result, this is your brew method. Take a look to this recipe we recommend at Ineffable Coffee.

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Weight1000 g


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· Shipping costs per order are € 4.00 (VAT included), for the Spanish peninsula and Balearic Islands.
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