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Nestor Lasso Chiroso – Colombia – Thermal Shock

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 Brewing method: Filter & Espresso
 Cupping notes: Jelly bean, candy apple, pistachio
Origen  Process: Double anaerobic fermentation, thermal shock, natural
Variedad  Varietal 100% Arabica: Chiroso
Proceso  SCA Score: 89
Origen  Producer/s: Nestor Lasso
Altura  Region: Huila
Altura  Altitude: 1750m.
Cosecha  Harvest: 2023


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Nestor Lasso is a young coffee farmer who, along with his brother, has taken over the generational legacy of his parents' farm after undergoing extensive training through the state program SENA.

Excellent coffees with a unique character, attributed to their varietal and processing methods, are emerging from this farm.

The Chiroso variety is a natural low-height mutation that occurred in Colombia from an Ethiopian Landrace.

Due to its morphology and sensory characteristics, it resembles a Geisha but is indigenous to this country.

The process begins with a 48-hour oxidation in tanks with recirculation of cherry mucilage. Subsequently, a thermal shock with 50-degree water precedes an anaerobic fermentation with yeast for 80 hours.

The drying process begins with 12 hours of mechanical drying to dehydrate the cherries, followed by 15 days of open-air drying.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Whole bean-Ground:

Whole bean, Ground for French Press, Ground for Cold Brew, Ground for AeroPress, Ground for V60, Ground for Chemex, Ground for Moka Pot, Ground for Espresso

Pack size:

250 gr., 1 kg.


Ineffable Coffee


Filter & Espresso, Filter


Filter Chemex, Filter V60, French Press, Espresso, Superautomatic, Italian Moka, AeroPress, Filter coffee machine, Cold Brew

Flavour profile:

Exceptional, bright, exotic


Natural, Special process

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Colombian coffee of the Chiroso variety, a shock for your senses

Five years ago, Néstor Lasso and his brother Adrián took over the management of the family estate in the Huila region of Colombia. Instead of continuing with commercial coffee cultivation, they decided to venture into specialty coffee and experimentation.

This led them to collaborate with Jhoan Vergara, the son of another coffee farmer, to establish El Diviso, a company that merged their two family estates, El Diviso and Las Flores, with the goal of improving coffee quality.

This lot of the rare Chiroso variety, a natural coffee but with a special “Thermal Shock” process, is a clear example of how the El Diviso estate’s strategy works and why Nestor has become one of the most promising young coffee farmers.

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

Nestor’s Journey

Nestor Lasso grew up in a coffee-producing region in Huila, where his passion for coffee production began due to his family’s involvement in the industry. Given the economic challenges in the traditional coffee industry that made it difficult to have a dignified life as a coffee farmer, Néstor decided to focus on specialty coffee.

Néstor dedicated time to study and understand the entire process of specialty coffee production, from planting to processing. To achieve this, he attended the State program of Colombia called SENA which was very helpful, as it strives to educate coffee farmers. He also studied how the coffee market works and its marketing strategies.

All this applied knowledge, combined with the invaluable assistance of experience, results in exceptional lots like this Colombian coffee Chiroso with a natural “Thermal Shock” process.

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

What Does ‘Chiroso Natural Thermal Shock’ Mean?

The variety is Chiroso, a rare varietal that only grows in the Huila region. This variety was used by the third-place winner in the 2023 World Barista Championship.

The production process is carried out meticulously. It begins with the collection of cherries at their optimal ripeness. Since the seeds are not depulped before processing and drying, it is considered a natural coffee.

The process starts with an initial 48-hour oxidation before the cherries undergoing a thermal shock with 50-degree water, which softens their molecular structure, hence the nickname ‘thermal shock.’

Then, the cherries undergo a 38-hour anaerobic fermentation with yeast in hermetically sealed bags. Once this is complete, the cherries are mechanically dried for approximately 12 hours until they reach 18% moisture content.

They are then stored in sealed bags in a dark place to stabilize. Finally, they are dried for about 15 days or until the moisture content reaches between 10.5% and 11.5%.

Nestor Lasso Colombia Pink Bourbon Thermal Shock

About Colombian Coffee

Coffee is a product of great importance to the Colombian economy and culture. It is one of the country’s main export products and a significant source of income for producers. Coffee is also a part of Colombian gastronomy and daily life.

Colombian coffee has a history of more than 300 years. The Jesuits introduced the first coffee plants in the 18th century, and cultivation quickly spread throughout the country. Colombia became one of the world’s leading coffee producers in the 20th century and is currently the third-largest producer globally.

Coffee is a major revenue generator for Colombia. In 2022, coffee represented 2.4% of the country’s GDP and 20% of its exports. Colombian coffee is a significant export product, sold to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Colombian coffee is known for its smooth and balanced flavour. This is due to several factors, such as the climate, soil, and farming practices. Colombian coffee is grown at a wide range of altitudes, from 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level. The coffee regions of Colombia are divided into four main zones: north, central, south, and eastern.

Colombian coffee is primarily produced in two varieties: arabica and robusta. The arabica variety is the most common and is known for its smooth and complex flavour. The robusta variety is less common and has a stronger, more bitter taste.

Coffee production in Colombia is dominated by small-scale farmers, accounting for 95% of producers. These small-scale farmers grow coffee on tiny plots, allowing them to practice more sustainable cultivation.

Colombian coffee is a high-quality product appreciated worldwide. Specialty Colombian coffee is produced by small-scale farmers who focus on coffee quality.

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This is the most current recipe available. It is important to note that this recipe serves as a reference and in fact there are a bunch of variables which influence the final espresso in your cup: from the state of your machine and grinder, the water that you use, the rest and conservation of your coffee beans, to the atmospheric temperature and pressure, etc, and therefore, you might have to tweak the recipe to be able to find a juicy and balanced espresso with your specific set up.


  • Ratio: 1:2.2
  • Weight: 18gr
  • Yield: 39gr
  • Time: 35-38s
  • Notas:


  • Best resting time: over 2 weeks
  • Temperature: 94
  • Pressure: 6 bars
  • Preinfussion: No
  • Water:

Machine & equipment used for this recipe:

  • Espresso machine: La Marzocco KB90 2G
  • Grinder: Mythos 2
  • Basket: 22gr VST ridgeless
  • Extras: Barista Hustle WDT, Push Tamper (Flat, 100% level)

This is the cold brew coffee recipe that we propose for you to make 600ml of cold brew. The ratio, in case you want to brew more or less than this quantity, is 1:15, 1gr of coffee for every 15gr/ml of water.

Recipe and equipment:

  • Coffee 40gr. (Use whichever coffee you prefer. We suggest coffees that you like in filter. The ones that are tagged with “Cold Brew” are our favourites).
  • Grind size: Comandante 16 clicks.
  • Water 600gr/ml at room temperature.
  • Water composition: 2 parts of Lanjarón for 1 part of Bezoya.
  • Mesh or silk.
  • Glass container (preferably with a lid).
  • Let it rest for 22 hours (in the fridge).

The way to make cold brew:

  • Grind the coffee with a medium grind. Comandante 16 clicks.
  • Pour the coffee directly into the mesh.
  • Introduce the mesh in the glass container.
  • Pour the water into the container through the mesh with the coffee.
  • Swirl to wet all the coffee.
  • Cover the container.
  • Let it rest for 22 hours in the fridge (beware of strong odors!).
  • When complete remove the mesh with the coffee and it will be ready.
  • Bonus: you can filter it again through a V60, Kalita or similar paper filter to obtain a clean and more crystalline result.
  • Keep it refrigerated.
  • This recipe is not to dilute. Not even with ice. If you add ice, the composition of the ice water will affect the taste of your drink. Better to make your own ice with the same composition of water proposed. If you use ice, you may want to lower the ratio (1:9 to 1:12).
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