Brewing method: Filter & Espresso

Cupping notes: Custard apple, vanilla, brown sugar




 1,700 m.


 Pink Bourbon




 José Gregorio Calderón

Ineffable Coffee. Café de especialidad, fresco de temporada y recién tostado.

 2022 Harvest

José Gregorio Calderón Parra is a passionate and dedicated coffee producer who has been working with coffee for over 26 years. Fourteen years ago, he founded his own farm, Finca Holanda, located in the municipality of El Mesón, in the Huila coffee region of Colombia. Since then, he has been producing high-quality coffees like this Pink Bourbon.

Finca Holanda is located in a privileged location, in the region of Huila, that is known for producing some of the best coffees in Colombia. The altitude of the farm, at 1700 meters above sea level, is one of the most important factors contributing to the quality of this Huila coffee.

The climatic conditions at this altitude are optimal for the cultivation of specialty coffee, as there is an ideal combination of sunlight, humidity, and temperature. In addition, the farm benefits from nutrient-rich soil, which is essential for healthy coffee growth.

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Huila coffee by Jose Gregorio Calderon 1

José, a life dedicated to coffee

Café de Huila Colombia a 1700ms cultivado por Jose Gregorio Calderón
José is a coffee farmer who has been dedicated to coffee cultivation for over 26 years in the Huila coffee region. He has raised all of his children around coffee and now lives with his 13-year-old daughter Helen on his Finca La Holanda.

José’s family has been dedicated to growing coffee for several generations, and he hopes to pass on this passion to his children and future generations.

Since he founded his own farm 14 years ago, he has been at the forefront of specialty Huila coffee production in Colombia.

He was one of the first producers to cultivate exotic varieties such as Geisha and Tabi, and more recently has been working with the rare and delicate Pink Bourbon variety.

Great Huila coffee despite difficulties

Café de Huila Colombia a 1700ms cultivado por Jose Gregorio Calderón
Although José is a passionate and dedicated producer, he has faced numerous challenges in developing his project. One of the biggest challenges he faces is coffee transportation.

Finca Holanda is located in El Mesón, Garzón, Huila, a remote area of Colombia with difficult roads to navigate, making it difficult to deliver coffee to buyers and subsequently export it.

José is also concerned with giving the coffee the best storage to maintain its quality. When the season changes, the warm and humid climate of the region can negatively affect the freshness and flavour of the Huila coffee.

Despite these challenges, José continues to work hard and produce exceptional coffees at Finca Holanda.

Variety and processing of this lot

Café de Huila Colombia a 1700ms cultivado por Jose Gregorio Calderón
Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, and is known for its sweet and complex flavour as well as its striking pink colour.

For coffee processing, a washed fermentation process is followed. This means that the coffee seeds are completely pulped before being dried after a period of fermentation in the cherry.

Only ripe fruits are harvested and allowed to ferment for 18 hours in cherry. Then, the beans are pulped and fermented for 30 hours in tanks before being washed and dried on raised beds for 25 days.

The production and processing method used at Finca Holanda is a testament to José’s dedication to producing specialty Huila coffee. He understands the importance of each stage of the production process, from careful selection of varieties to meticulous attention to beans during processing.

Tasting notes and impact

Café de Huila Colombia a 1700ms cultivado por Jose Gregorio Calderón
In this coffee, you can expect tasting bright and refreshing notes of custard apple, vanilla, and brown sugar with a sweet and complex flavour characteristic of the Pink Bourbon variety.

By purchasing specialty coffee like this José G. Pink Bourbon, you are not only consuming something that is a unique tasting experience but also helping José and his entire family have a better quality of life.

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