Brewing method: Filter & Espresso
Cupping notes: Peach, honey, jasmine





 Abbysinia, typica




 Hendra Maulizar

Ineffable Coffee. Café de especialidad, fresco de temporada y recién tostado.

 2022 Harvest

Sumatra coffee originates from the sixth largest island in the world, home to over 50 million people, in Indonesia.

In Sumatra, the three main coffee-growing regions are located in the province of Aceh in the north, the Lake Toba region in the south, and the southern part of the island around Mangkuraja.

The island’s humid and rainy climate is a factor that determines coffee production in this area. This climatic condition, which is not common in many other coffee-growing countries, means that coffee growers on the island of Sumatra have to pay special attention to the processing and drying of their coffee.

This difference with other coffee-producing regions gives Sumatra coffee a special character.

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Sumatra Coffee by Hendra Maulizar 1

Hendra Maulizar, a coffee visionary

Un café de maceración carbónica proveniente de Indonesia - Sumatra coffee
Hendra Maulizar, a pioneer in innovation in specialty coffee processes in Indonesia, began his journey in the coffee world when his father, Hamdan, moved to Aceh in 2006 and started growing coffee.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Hendra began growing coffee on one hectare and has now expanded his cultivation lands to 10 hectares, producing 40 tons of specialty Sumatra coffee.

Hendra and his father have invested in a washing station to control the entire process. This has allowed Hendra to experiment with 8-10 different processing methods. He has also started a nursery to grow different varietals that have not been part of Sumatra coffee until now.

Additionally, Hendra partners with 70 local farming families who help him produce cherries for processing and whom he supports with knowledge and fair payment for their crops.

Sumatra and Indonesian Coffee

Un café de maceración carbónica proveniente de Indonesia
Indonesia, as a coffee-producing nation, ranks fourth in the world in terms of production, and Sumatra is one of the main growing regions in the country.

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia began in the 17th century when Dutch settlers introduced the first coffee plants to Java. Since then, coffee has spread throughout the archipelago, including the island of Sumatra, where region-specific cultivation and processing techniques have been developed.

Sumatra’s humid, tropical climate, coupled with its nutrient-rich volcanic soils, provides ideal conditions for specialty coffee cultivation.

One of the most notable features of Sumatra coffee is its ‘Giling Basah’ processing method, which gives the coffee its low acidity, full body, and distinct flavour notes.

Un café de maceración carbónica proveniente de Indonesia
Producers like Hendra Maulizar are experimenting with other processes with excellent results, and this washed coffee lot is an excellent example of this.

Until recently, Sumatra coffee – and Indonesian coffee in general – was not well-known to specialty coffee lovers. Thanks to the efforts of producers like Hendra and his father, Sumatra’s specialty coffee is making its mark on roasters worldwide.

Additionally, Sumatra coffee is known for its sustainability and focus on ethical production, as many producers work closely with cooperatives and organizations that promote fair trade and environmentally friendly practices.

Washed Specialty Sumatra Coffee

Un café de maceración carbónica proveniente de Indonesia - café de sumatra
This coffee lot, produced by Hendra Maulizar, is a washed coffee that combines the Abbysinia and Typica varieties, grown at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea level.

This coffee has been processed through an initial dry aerobic fermentation before being pulped, washed, and placed on raised beds to dry. The result is a very clean coffee with flavour notes of peach, honey, and jasmine.

Sumatra coffee is a unique and delicious coffee that benefits from the island’s geographical and climatic conditions, as well as the hard work and dedication of producers like Hendra Maulizar.

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