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Cupping notes: strawberry jam, bubblegum, passion fruit






 Pink Bourbon


 Double anaerobic fermentation, thermal shock, natural


 Nestor Lasso

Ineffable Coffee. Café de especialidad, fresco de temporada y recién tostado.

 2022 Harvest

The name of this coffee is due to its creator, Nestor Lasso, a young Colombian coffee farmer who has gained fame for his skill in coffee processing and dedication to his farm, El Diviso. This Colombia Pink Bourbon Thermal Shock lot is proof of his expertise.

The coffee is grown on Nestor Lasso’s family farm located in the department of Nariño, in the southwest of Colombia, in the Huila region. This region is known for producing some of the best coffees in the country, thanks to its high altitudes and cool, humid climate.

The farm is situated at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level. This helps the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, resulting in denser beans.

At Finca El Diviso, they cultivate different varieties of coffee, including the Colombia Pink Bourbon, which this lot is composed of. It is a relatively new variety in the coffee world that has earned the admiration of experts for its exceptional flavour.

Nestor Lasso, a passionate coffee farmer

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

Nestor Lasso is a young coffee farmer who has stood out in the coffee world for his dedication to quality and innovation in specialty coffee processing.

The farm has approximately 10 hectares of land cultivated with coffee. Nestor Lasso is dedicated to producing high-quality batches through innovative practices and complete control over bean processing.

The farm uses organic methods and does not use pesticides or herbicides, which means that the beans are all-natural and chemical-free; this is one of the principles of specialty coffee.

The coffee is grown in small plots, allowing for greater control over the growing process and selective harvesting of ripe coffee cherries.

Furthermore, Nestor Lasso has developed his own drip irrigation system to ensure that the plants receive the appropriate amount of water.

Despite his youth, Nestor has managed to produce some of the best coffee lots in Colombia. His commitment to sustainability and total control over the production process has led him to develop unique processing techniques, such as the thermal shock used in the production of this Colombia Pink Bourbon Thermal Shock.

Colombia Pink Bourbon variety: a natural hybrid

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

The coffee variety used in this Nestor Lasso Pink B. Thermal Shock is the Colombia Pink Bourbon. This variety emerged when farmers noticed a mutation in the coffee they were growing.

Instead of red, orange or yellow bourbon cherries, some trees had pink cherries that were a natural hybrid of yellow and red bourbon. When the farmers realized this, they began to separate and plant this mutation as a new variety.

Thermal Shock process in coffee

Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.
Café de Colombia Nestor Lasso 60h. Imagen de la finca.

The production process of this Nestor Lasso Colombia Pink Bourbon Thermal Shock is very innovative and carefully controlled to maximize the flavour and coffee quality.

The process begins with a 50-hour anaerobic fermentation in sealed tanks at 18 degrees. Then, the beans are left to oxidize for 60 hours at a maximum temperature of 42 degrees.

Next, the beans undergo a second 30-hour anaerobic fermentation at 20 degrees, followed by a thermal shock of water first at 45 degrees and then at 12 degrees. This thermal shock helps to stabilize the coffee’s flavour and prevent oxidation.

Finally, the beans are left to macerate in the leachate, or juice of the cherries, for 70 hours before drying. This process helps to add sweetness and complexity to the coffee’s flavour.

The end result is an exceptionally tasty and complex coffee, with notes of strawberry jam, bubble-gum and passion fruit.

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