Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

A world of coffee inspired by love and magic

We are super excited to launch a new collaboration with local artist Pablo Rodríguez ‘LITTLE’ where we delve into his beautiful world of magic and unconditional love in a universe of coffee.

Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

To talk about Little’s work is not to talk about Pablo’s work.

‘Little’ is a refuge in childhood, a regression to a point in life where looking into the future was not scary; Little is that gaze from the past, unconcerned with the present and enraptured by the future.

A reminiscence that does not fade into melancholy and nostalgia, but rather captures those little precious moments and places of fun and happiness that emerge from everyday life to make them immense, and transform them into shelters for the day to day life.

Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

For us, LITTLE’s work was love at first sight. His ‘big child’ approach, or little adult, as he defines himself, takes us to a world where our most beautiful dreams come true and resonates deeply with our view of specialty coffee.

We love all things local, made in Andalusia, roasted in Seville.

Showcasing local talent is part of our identity from day one and we couldn’t be happier to share Little’s work with you.

Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

Love, empathy, affection, kindness, illusion, companionship.

With a simple and fun stroke, he reminds us of the values ​​and change we are working towards generating in the coffee supply chain and the world around us.

That which we seek to convey with every batch of coffee that we roast.

Looking after all the elements within the supply chain from the small producer of coffee at origin, to the final consumer, without forgetting the environment.

In this universe of magic and love it is never too late to generate the necessary change towards a better world.

Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE
Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE
Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE
Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE
Ineffable Coffee by LITTLE

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